Mr Rahul Jain

Mr Rahul Jain

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Mr Rahul Jain

Consultant Orthopaedic

I am a hip and knee specialist having trained in the West Midlands and complemented this with national and international Fellowships with leading experts in orthopaedic hip and knee surgery. I believe in using proven technological advancement to the benefit of my patients so that limitations in patient function are not due to the implant.

Since my appointment as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in York in 2003 my practice has continually developed to embrace proven technological advancements to the benefit of my patients.

This website aims to help patients and treating medical practitioners understand hip and knee arthritis and treatment options available.

I have a very busy elective orthopaedic practice and I am substantially busier than many of my peers with regards to number of hip and knee replacement done per year. I have one of the lowest complication rates in York, as mentioned in NJR data, since 2010.

I have been invited to provide consultancy services for orthopaedic implant companies.

More about me

As an Orthopaedic surgeon it is important to ensure the best possible outcome and patient satisfaction that is possible in each case. I utilise proven technology to optimise patient outcomes in terms of pain relief and function. I do not believe that “one size fits all” and personalise patient treatment according to their demands.

I take immense joy and pride in being able to undertake a hip or knee replacement for my patient’s, which will allow them to be pain free and return to full function and activity.

I specialise in hip and knee replacement surgery, revision hip surgery and knee arthroscopic/keyhole surgery.

I recieve national and international visitations and provide consultancy work for Biomet, Corin and Lima and work in collaboration with Lima currently to advance innovative treatments

My area of interest in research into high functioning and long lasting hip replacements.I am developing a hip and knee database and am and have been involved in national and international multicentre trails.

I am actively involved in junior doctor and HYMS medical student training. Currently, I am Deputy Orthopaedic Training Programme Director, Yorkshire & Humber, for Health Education,UK and involved in training future Orthopaedic Consultants.

I undertake all aspects of trauma, including upper and lower limb injuries, spinal injuries, back pain, whiplash, work and motor vehicle accidents..

I have been a medical legal expert since 2001 and have a well organised practise that provides over 500 reports on an annual basis. I also undertake low velocity and clinical negligence cases and am involved in setting up an on-line medicolegal education site.

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