Mr. Rahul Jain

 Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon 

I was appointed as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at York Foundation NHS Trust in 2003. I have an Orthopaedic Practice which specialises in hip and knee joint replacement, hip and knee joint arthroscopy and re-do/revision hip surgery. I was appointed to establish a Yorkshire based practice to treat young adult hip disease, hip disease in active people of all ages and to further the number of re-do hip surgeries done at York Hospital.

To this end I was the first Yorkshire based Orthopaedic Surgeon to use hip resurfacing and computer navigated hip surgery as a routine part of my practice.

I graduated from Sheffield University in 1989. I did my basic surgical training in Nottingham. I had two years of post fellowship training in Derby before being appointed to the West Midlands Higher Orthopaedic Surgical Training Scheme. In my training I was fortunate to work with pioneers in the field of both hip resurfacing surgery and also hip surgery in young adults. I learnt techniques of hip resurfacing and also uncemented hip surgery.

I complemented my registrar training with a series of Fellowships in Oxford, Canada and the USA with leading experts in hip surgery.

I was appointed Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at York in 2003. My main practice now concerns young adults/active adults of all ages, who have hip pain and high functional demands using hip resurfacing, minimal access hip surgery, hip arthroscopy and compute aided surgery. I perform between 300 and 400 hip replacements a year; between 100 and 120 knee replacements a year and 50 to 60 re do/revision hip replacements a year.

I have recently introduced hip arthroscopy surgery to North Yorkshire and have developed computer aided hip and knee surgery.

I believe in treating all patients individually and that all patients deserve maximum function from an artificial joint regardless of age. I believe that the functional limitations following hip and knee surgery should be patient related as opposed to implant related.

I aim to maximise both function and survivorship in my hip and knee replacements and to this end use proven technological advancements for the benefit of patients. My work has been recognised and I was one of only two UK surgeons chosen to do a worldwide valuation and assessment of hip resurfacing techniques for a major US based company.

In January 2010 I, together with five other UK based colleagues, was chosen by an Italian company to help develop their hip replacement portfolio and help them launch in the UK, Europe, America, Australia and the Far East.

I am also one of three UK surgeons involved with an international multi-centre trial looking into the benefits of mobile-v-fixed bearing knee replacement technology.