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Mr Rahul Jain can support you in a medico legal role whether a report is required for an accident (whether at work or on the road) or you need a professional opinion for your client following an accident at work or industrial injury. Mr Jain and his team are experienced in the preparation of reports for court and can provide a professional service quickly, efficiently and affordably that will present all the facts, clearly and expertly in accordance with Civil Procedure regulations.

Mr Jain aims to provide a consultancy service, which is accessible for both patients and clients when instructed by their legal team. Patients can visit the surgery to be examined and we will take a full detailed history enabling us to prepare a professional report for your unique case.

Medical testimony or professional medico legal reports from a well-respected source

As an Orthopaedic Specialist with over 25 years experience, Mr Rahul Jain is also able to assist in personal injury and sport injury claims and can support clients with secondary osteoarthritis, causation of lower back issues and late onset fractures. His area of special expertise is in joint replacement surgery and clinical negligence cases.  With deep knowledge of all of these areas, you can receive the best possible care and attention, safe in the knowledge that all steps are being taken to provide you or your client with the best possible result.

Mr Jain has vast knowledge and experience of giving evidence in Court regarding clinical negligence, sports injury and personal injury claims as well as road traffic accidents and accidents in the workplace. With a professional team who are adept at preparing professional medical reports, and Mr Jain’s expert knowledge and medico legal experience, you’ll receive the most professional service possible for your case.

If you’re looking for a consultation for any legal case, why not get in touch with us today and request a quotation. If you have any questions about the service, then we are always on hand to assist you.

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