Sports Injuries

Soft tissue injuries of the knee, whether traumatic or degenerative, will require some kind of intervention to get you moving again. Sports injuries are common and can leave you in chronic pain, increasing your suffering if left untreated.

Common sports injuries to hips and knees

Some of the soft-tissue injuries you are likely to experience in sport related injuries are sprains and strains, tendonitis, stress injuries and bursitis. In sports activities it is possible that you could sustain acute injury in one-off falls and tumbles where a hard blow or sudden movement from pivoting or twisting can cause painful damage. Injury can also be sustained during continued or prolonged overuse of joints or stress on damaged ligaments and soft tissues. This can mean significant injury is sustained over a longer period of time, resulting in extensive damage and chronic pain. Where ligament and meniscal damage caused by acute and chronic injuries is sustained, a solution for pain relief and regaining movement and flexibility will be of a high priority in getting your mobility back.

Get the best diagnosis and treatment for your sports injuries

Our team of experienced professionals working alongside Mr Rahul Jain can ensure you have a thorough assessment and review before making any diagnostic decision including knew arthroscopy where applicable. Doing so before moving onto you treatment options will give you a full picture of your injury and give you the best chance of making a good recovery. We provide a service that is to the highest of standards and give patient centred care throughout your consultation, surgery and rehabilitation. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we can ensure any stay in hospital is as short as possible and in some cases you will be home the same day. In order to provide an all round service from diagnosis to rehabilitation, we can provide arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery as well as performing partial and full joint replacement with the skill and expertise needed to ensure patient satisfaction and relief of symptoms relating to soft tissue injuries.
If you’ve suffered a sports injury or soft tissue damage to the knee, then let Mr Jain and his team get you back on the road to recovery. Call us now to make an initial appointment and start your recovery today.