17.2.16 Knee replacement surgery – Mr Jain

I had been putting up with pain and discomfort since 2011 and been putting off going to my GP as there always seemed to be some reason to delay going, but when I saw a home video I suddenly realised how old I was looking and didn’t fancy a life using a walking stick. I have been a very active man and have enjoyed participating in most sports, but life as a joiner/carpenter had taken its toll on my knees.

My GP referred me directly to Clifton Park and what a relief it was to be going to a specialist hospital. I was surprised that I only had to wait a few weeks for my operation which was on New year’s Eve 2015!

From the minute I walked in to the hospital, I was treated with such kindness and card. After coming around from my surgery I did have some immediate pain, but the nurses managed it straight away and kept it away with close management.

I am now booked in to have my second knee done in 2 weeks, but I am already enjoying a much better quality of life which will only get better after the other one is done. I just wished I had gone to my GP sooner.

I can’t thank the hospital enough I would highly recommend anyone needing orthopedic surgery to come to Clifton Park.

Mr Gary Coe, Wistow, North Yorkshire


17.2.16 Hip replacement and Knee replacement surgery – Mr Jain

I was living a life of constant pain in my hip before I had my hip replacement at Clifton Park.

My GP advised me that Clifton Park had the shortest wait time for me to have surgery. I very quickly realised how lucky I was to have been given the chance to this hospital and to be seen by Mr Jain, everyone I came into contact with where fantastic and the service I got was truly marvelous. I can honestly say I absolutely have no complaints whatsoever. IN fact I was so well looked after I didn’t want to go home!

During my post-operative year review appointment it was established I also needed a knee replace, I had this operation done just 4 weeks after my appointment – fantastic!

I am now living a life without pain and always tell everyone to go to Clifton Park and Mr Jain if they, like me need surgery on their hip and knee.

Mrs Yvonne Craven, Pickering, North Yorkshire


16.02.16 Knee replacement surgery – Mr Jain

I am delighted to say after such a long time of suffering before my operation, just over a year ago, my knee now feels great. Life is so much easier and pain free.

I felt so well looked after at the hospital, they did everything to make me feel comfortable and reassured. Mr Jain tool plenty of time to explain everything clearly to me and I can’t thank him enough for my successful surgery and aftercare.

The hospital was very pleasant, very clean and the food was lovely.

The whole experience was so good that I have recommended the hospital and Mr Jain to many of my friends, in fact one has just been for the same operation as my only last week!